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This free online greeting card poems website brings you inspirational, serious and funny verses peoms poems quotes, poetry, wishes, messages, sayings, wordings, sentiments, text and greetings for and to mom, mum and dad, parents, spouses, couples, husband or wife, son, daughter or to best friends, grandma or nan and grandad, grandmothers, grandfathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters , from children, grandchildren, friend, mothers or daughters.

Some are inspiring poems, some are funny poetry verses, sentiments or quotes, all are free to use and suitable for myspace comments, hand made and blank greeting cards and scrapbooks, newsletters, e-mail and forum tag lines, love letters, blogs, speeches and some are serious poems, some are funny humorous, humourous, humerous verses or quotes, some are silly fun, amusing, comical, little small short rhyming inspirational sweet cute good best nice simple sad traditional or modern romantic and even adult

Angel Poems
Angling for Angel Poems? Pull 'em in, you've found a shoal of free angel poems
Birthday Poems, free to use for greetings cards, speeches, gift tags etc
We have a free to use Birthday Poems collection, just waiting for you
Happy Birthday Sayings for cards, scrapbooking
Seeking free to use Happy Birthday Sayings for cards? We've got lots for you here
Special Birthday Poems, Verses for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th etc birthdays
Looking for the Special Birthday poems for 30th, 40th, 50th,60th,70th,80th and more birthdays? We have lots
50th Birthday Poems
Fixing to find 50th Birthday Poems? Fine! Thine wish has come true...we have lots for you
Grandad Birthday Poems Verses
Are you seeking Grandad Birthday Poems Verses?We have lots for you to choose from
granddaughter birthday poems
Looking for granddaughter birthday poems or other poems for a granddaughter? We have lots of grandaughter birthday poems here, free to use
Poems for Kids
Poems for Kids
Short Poems for Kids
Short Poems for Kids, by a kid, written at various ages up to twelve
Rude Poems about Men by Women
Rooting around for Rude Poems about Men by Women? Put your root away, for you've found that for which you rooted
Get Well Poems for cards,
Getting well frustrated trying to get Get Well Poems? Well, get this, we have lots for you here
Bereavement Poems
Searching for Bereavement Poems to help you express your loss, sadness, pain ,as death ,takes a loved one.
Sympathy Poems
Looking for sympathy poems which are free to use? We have them for you
Sympathy Card Messages
Looking for Sympathy Card Messages? You've found them
Funeral Poems
Funeral Poems that say what you want to say and how you want to say it are here
Poems for a Funeral Service
These are some Poems for a Funeral Service to help you plan the occasion
Poems and Readings for a Funeral
Poems and Readings for a Funeral for the celebration of their life.
Forget Me Not Poems
Forget Me Not Poems are just that-never to be forgotten
Short Cute Love Poems for cards, love letters, texts etc
Looking for FREE Short Cute Love Poems? Lucky in love you are, you've found some
Engagement Congratulations Poems
Engaged in looking for Engagement Congratulations Poems? Well, disengage cos you've found lots of free ones
Wedding Poems
Looking for Wedding Poems? We have lots of free ones
Free Anniversary Poems
Failing to find free Anniversary Poems? You're no failure, fellah, you've found 'em finally
Family Poems Verses Quotes
Fixing to find Family Poems Verses Quotes? Fine, for you've found them
Baby Poems
Looking for Baby Poems? We have lots of free ones
Christening poems
Looking for free Christening poems? Bless you, you've found lots
Christmas Poems for cards, scrapbooking pages
Christmas Poems, Verses for your free non commercial use
Fathers Day Poems for cards
Seeking free Fathers Day Poems? You've found lots
Halloween Poems for Kids
Halloween Poems for Kids
International Womens Day
A recognised celebration of International Womens Day and their achievements
Memorial Day Poems
You have now found the Memorial Day Poems to stir the emotions and remember all those who have served and died for us.
Mothers Day Poems
Looking for free Mothers Day Poems? Well, look ye not, for ye have found a lot
Valentines Day Poems
Our free Valentines Day Poems are for your enhanced choices of verses and quotes for your loved one.
Best Friend Poems
If you are looking for Soul Mates and the Best Best Friend Poems or just one of your mates then you have been successful
Thank You Poems, verses for cards, scrapbooking, letters, emails, texts
Looking for FREE Thank You Poems, Verses? Thank heavens, you've found the best
Sorry Poems for cards, letters, texts
Looking for free Sorry Poems? We have lots here
Goodbye Poems
Looking for goodbye poems? We have lots of free ones for you
Retirement Poems,verses, quotes
Looking for Retirement Poems,verses, quotes? Retire from the've just found a golf bagful of free 'uns
New Home Poems
Moving to a new house then these New Home Poems will be just the job
Graduation Poems, verses,quotes for cards, scrapbooking, speeches
Guess you're seeking good graduation poems? Well golly gosh you've found a gownful
In Fourteen Hundred Ninety-two
In Fourteen Hundred Ninety-two
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Christmas Poems for Mothers
Christmas Poems for Mothers
Fairy Poem
Seeking a Fairy Poem or two? We have them, just for you
Easter Poems for Kids
Eager for Easter Poems for Kids? We have a great supply for you